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BOLS Triple Sec.


Triple sec was originally called Curacao triple sec. Triple sec is an orange flavored liqueur made from dried peels of better and sweet oranges.
Most often used as an ingredient in a variety of cocktails. Triple sec was invented some time between 1934 and 1949 in Saumur, France.
The liqueur became widely known in 1878. It was at the Exposition Universelle of 1878 in Paris, with several distillers offering curaco triple sec.


African Breeze recipe: 50 ml amarula cream liqueur, 25 ml Cointreau orange liqueur.
Cover rim of glass with brown sugar. Fill glass with crushed ice. Pour cointreau over ice, followed by amarula cream. Add garnish.

Blanche recipe: 1 oz triple sec, 1/4 oz anisette, 2 - 3 dashes lemon juice
Shake over crushed ice in a shaker. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and serve.

Brasier d'Ange recipe: 1/2 oz triple sec, 1/2 oz double cream, 2/3 oz white creme de cacao, 2/3 oz Parfait Amour orange liqueur
Carefully layer into a cordial glass in the order given.

Delta Sunset recipe: 2 oz Cointreau orange liqueur, 2 oz triple sec, 2 oz lemon juice
Mix ingredients with ice in a shaker. Strain into a cocktail glass over ice, and serve.

Fluffy Dog recipe: 1 oz Cointreau orange liqueur, 1 oz Bailey's® Irish cream
Mix both ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass or serve over ice.

Horny Toad recipe: 1 part triple sec, 1 part Kahlua coffee liqueur, 1 part cream
Carefully layer ingredients, in order, into an old-fashioned glass.

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