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Chambord Liqueur is a mix of black raspberries, red raspberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan Cirtus peel, honey and XO Cognac. It contains 16.5% ABV (Alcohol by volume). The liquor is produced in Loire Valley, France. The company was last sold in 2006. Chambord was founded in 1982. The legend behind the creation is that Chambord was inspired by a raspberry flavored liqueur that was made for King Louis XIV while he was visiting Chateau de Chambord during the 17th Century.


Chambord Royale: ​10ml ​Chambord​ ​liqueur, Any fizz you fancy, Raspberry​
Pour Chambord into a flute glass. Top with whatever fizz your tongue desires. Then plop. Finish with the important raspberry.

French Martini: 15ml Chambord liqueur, 50ml Finlandia® vodka, 60ml fresh pineapple juice, Raspberry or a lemon twist to garnish, Handful of ice.
Pour the Chambord, vodka and pineapple juice in a shaker. Add ice and shake like a tambourine. Strain into martini glass. Top with a raspberry. Or a lemon twist. As you like.

Chambord Vodka Lemonade: 25ml Chambord liqueur, 25ml Finlandia® vodka, Lemonade, Lime wedge.
Take a long glass filled with ice. Pour in Chambord, vodka and lemonade. Add the lime wedge. And voila, your tongue is happy.

Chambord Spritz: 50ml Chambord liqueur, 125ml dry white wine, Soda water.
Take a large wine glass and fill it up with ice. Add Chambord, white wine and soda. And bon, your tonsils purr like a koala.

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