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Frangelico is a Hazelnut and herb flavored liqueur with caramel coloring. Produced in Canale, Italy.
It was 48 proof/24% ABV but now it is 40 proof/20% ABV (Alcohol by volume).
It was released in the 1980's.
It can be combined with vodka to make the Chocolate Cake shot; it can also be served simply on ice, with soda water, or with coffee.
The name of the liqueur is based on a legend of a hermit named Fra Angelico who "Created unique recipes for Liqueurs".
Frangelico is made the same as most nut liqueurs: nuts are broken up and mixed with cocoa, vanilla berries and other flavors, then left to soak with a base liquor. then after it absorbs the flavors of the ingredients, it is filtered, sweetened and bottled for consumers.
The company was sold in 2010.


Chocolate cake shot: ¾ oz./ 1 part or half SKYY Infusions Citrus, ¾ oz./ 1 part or half Frangelico
Frost the rim of a glass with sugar and lemon. Add the vodka and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur; stir together.
Lick the rim of the glass, shoot the mixture, and bite a piece of lemon.

Frangelico & Cola: 1 ¼ oz. Frangelico, Top with Cola.
Serve in a tall glass packed with ice. Garnish with a lime slice.

Frangelico on the Rocks with Lime: 2 oz. Frangelico, Juice of 2 wedges of fresh lime.
Pour over ice with lime into a glass, squeeze the lime and stir.

Frangelico Hazelnut: 1 oz./ 1 part Frangelico, 1 oz./ 1 part SKYY Vodka
Shake and serve up in a glass garnished with a chocolate rim.

Frangelico Cleopatra: 1¼ oz./ 1 part Frangelico, 1 oz./ 2 parts almond milk, A hint of chilli pepper
Shake and serve up in a glass and garnish with a fresh chili pepper.

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